The Other Side of Tuscany, A Memoir by Nancy Stolfo-Corti

Nancy Stolfo-Corti grew up fast. She translated for her parents, wrote their letters, handled all the business in English. She traveled with her father to Baking conventions as he rose in prominence with his successful Dayton bakery. With a flair for drawing and a passion for fashion, Nancy wins contests and gets awards for her eye. Before she knows it she's packing up and leaving Dayton far behind as she lands in London for a prestigious internship to be a fashion designer. At 21 she is a full fledged fashion designer and signs on to work with a Florentine designer. There in Florence she falls head over heels in love with a man who she will come to marry and bear children with.


Everyone has a story, but not everyone's story has the fable-like qualities of Nancy's. Knowing the facts is like getting the bones; the real experience is hearing the beautiful, striving, talented, romantic and yearning voice. This is a story that floats between Italy and America, between generations, between immigration and emigration, between the ancient and the modern, the call to commitment, the push to separate...




One of Nancy's Designs

The Other Side Of Tuscany a lifestyle By Nancy Stolfo-Corti

The Fields and Hills of Tuscany
Charcoal, Chalk, Coffee and Chianti

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